My Opinel & me

I always knew, tht Opinel Knives are high quality knives. Few days ago I decided to test my #9 VRI on 18 mm hemprope. My friends and I are impressed with test result... 450 cuts on 18 mm hemprope and 360 on 14 mm hemprope... I got tired but knife ... Read more
N°8 Ich habe nun schon seit über 10 Jahren ein Opinel N°8 Carbone in meiner Hosentasche. Benutzt wird es jeden Tag! Egal ob Äpfel schälen oder Kartons aufschneiden. Ich kann mir mittlerweile kein anderes Taschenmesser mehr vorstellen. Weiter so Op... Read more
Maybe it isn't too visible, but this is what I call " the Opinel fade" on my jeans... Read more
I bought my Opinel (No 8) in 2003 when I got a new job as a farm labourer. It was used every day for a multitude of tasks; cutting salad leaves, opening potato sacks, harvesting lettuce, even digging stubborn weeds from the soil. At the end of the... Read more
I was a soldier in Germany in the 1970s. While on manuvers, I sat and talked with an older German man, who had been a soldier during WW2. He had an Opinel, and valued it highly, carrying it rather than one of the fine German makes. That impressed ... Read more
On a recent road trip through the Cape Winelands we were faced with a horrible situation. How to prepare lunch without any cutlery? I could make a plan with the bottle of wine (the cork that is), but did not find chewing on a whole ripe tomato ver... Read more
My husband inherited this knife and we are trying to get a time range on how old it might be. Read more
I am a collector of knives. I have many interresting knives, most of them are hunting ones. One day i went in hunting store to buy some ammo for opening season of deer hunting. There it was behind the glass Opinol No. 07. Small pocket knife with c... Read more
A comienzo de los 80's, adquirí una Opinel Nº 9 (a mi juicio un excelente y muy práctico tamaño). Fue mi primera adquisición, porque otros modelos Opinel son parte de mi colección de cuchillos plegables. En Argentina, nos gusta comer "asado" (carn... Read more
hi, ive had plenty of pocket knives but have bought a opinel no.8 carbone. it feels very light and I was unsure how it would stand up to day to day bushcraft, but let me tell you that it is perfect durable and a little time on the whetstone and it... Read more
My knife has a coat of arms of a open hand and the crown. Why would it be different to the logo on the other opinel knives? With 3 pointing fingers to the crown? Read more
As a child my Father, who was an accomplished hobby woodcarver, was always drawing things to carve and then carving them. In amongst his carving tools was an Opinel #6 knife. I don't have any clear memories of what I did with that knife, but it wa... Read more