My Opinel & me

We like to play, and we like to cook. Me and my three and five years old daughters hang out a lot in the kitchen, we try out different cuisines. The Opinel knife for kids has enabled us to relax more in the kitchen and avoid accidents. There's a p... Read more
I was knives collector for many years (probably more than decade now). In this time I tried dozens of types, brands and steels in variety of prices. Some of my knives costs weekly wage and to be honest I almost never use them because they are too ... Read more
Gratulacje, robicie państwo świetne tradycyjne noże w dobrej cenie, oby więcej takich firm było na rynku wtedy świat wyglądałby zupełnie inaczej i byłby lepszym miejscem do życia English: Congratulations, you are doing great traditional knives at ... Read more
Over the past 40 years I have owned three opinel knives with carbon steel blades, I lost one knife, I gave one to my son, and I now use a number 9 which I have used to skin thousands of rabbits and many deer over the last 10 years, the blade is fa... Read more
Je m'excuse pour vous écrire en italien, mais mon français n'est pas trop bon.... Ho comprato in Francia diversi anni orsono unOpinel dellla celebrazione dei Campionati del Mondo del 1970, che è andato ad aggiungersi ad una serie di una decina di ... Read more
As a child my Father, who was an accomplished hobby woodcarver, was always drawing things to carve and then carving them. In amongst his carving tools was an Opinel #6 knife. I don't have any clear memories of what I did with that knife, but it wa... Read more
Good morning I wanted to have, if possible, information on an old ax marked Opinel, the type of steel and presumed that HRC should have. I am attaching two pictures of the ax in question. I can not find anywhere information. Sincerely Fabiano Read more
I'm an avid mushroom picker, and I have wanted an Opinel #8 mushroom knife for a long time. But considering the fact that I have a terrible habit of losing knives (because I just stick them in my basket and they end up falling out), I have always ... Read more
My grandfather, an Asturian miller's son who fought in the Spanish Civil War and with the French resistance favoured the Opinel. He was a tough looking guy with a gravelly voice, one leg, always smoking the Gauloises. He was also a very kind man w... Read more
My husband inherited this knife and we are trying to get a time range on how old it might be. Read more
I discovered Opinel in 1981, since then a #6 has been a favorite EDC Read more
Maybe it isn't too visible, but this is what I call " the Opinel fade" on my jeans... Read more