My Opinel & me

I first bought my Opinel in France, during a trip, was very cheap and became my partner for long time. I love the design and functionallity of this knife. Has always been very trustworthy. Once, I even use it as sustitute of my shaver (a bit painf... Read more
I always knew, tht Opinel Knives are high quality knives. Few days ago I decided to test my #9 VRI on 18 mm hemprope. My friends and I are impressed with test result... 450 cuts on 18 mm hemprope and 360 on 14 mm hemprope... I got tired but knife ... Read more
In 1964 my family and I arrived in France. We stayed four years. Every moment was a wonderful experience. Indescribable, actually. We spent as much time as possible hiking and exploring the country. I have been back to France and Switzerland many ... Read more
As a child my Father, who was an accomplished hobby woodcarver, was always drawing things to carve and then carving them. In amongst his carving tools was an Opinel #6 knife. I don't have any clear memories of what I did with that knife, but it wa... Read more
Carribean feeling inside the Seljavallalaug hot pot - the oldest swimming pool of Iceland. A lot of kilometers had to be traveled by every participant of this international get-together. Thank you Opinel :) Read more
Good morning I wanted to have, if possible, information on an old ax marked Opinel, the type of steel and presumed that HRC should have. I am attaching two pictures of the ax in question. I can not find anywhere information. Sincerely Fabiano Read more
Today I bought my first Opinel. I always wanted one, and today I found a beautiful vintage carbon No.7 in a second hand shop. It's a bit rusted, but I can see that the previous owners loved this knife. The small bit of rust will stay and I will ca... Read more
hi, ive had plenty of pocket knives but have bought a opinel no.8 carbone. it feels very light and I was unsure how it would stand up to day to day bushcraft, but let me tell you that it is perfect durable and a little time on the whetstone and it... Read more
N°8 Ich habe nun schon seit über 10 Jahren ein Opinel N°8 Carbone in meiner Hosentasche. Benutzt wird es jeden Tag! Egal ob Äpfel schälen oder Kartons aufschneiden. Ich kann mir mittlerweile kein anderes Taschenmesser mehr vorstellen. Weiter so Op... Read more
My grandfather, an Asturian miller's son who fought in the Spanish Civil War and with the French resistance favoured the Opinel. He was a tough looking guy with a gravelly voice, one leg, always smoking the Gauloises. He was also a very kind man w... Read more
I was knives collector for many years (probably more than decade now). In this time I tried dozens of types, brands and steels in variety of prices. Some of my knives costs weekly wage and to be honest I almost never use them because they are too ... Read more
Got my first one 3 years ago, a carbon #7. Started carrying it around and using it for everything, as my main backpack and everyday blade. Really surprised on how much abuse it took and how well it performed on different situations, from factory w... Read more